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Implementation and Monitoring

We Envision is not a rule, it is not mandatory, and it cannot be implemented except by widespread support from the whole Sunshine Coast community. It is a call to action for community support, and a proposed map for both doers and decision-makers to guide the Sunshine Coast community towards a sustainable future.

How will this plan be implemented?

First, the plan can be implemented directly by doers: individuals and groups able and willing to undertake actions that support its strategic directions.

Secondly, the core values, vision, and strategic directions presented in this plan can be used as a framework for local decision-makers: from families making day-to-day decisions to organizations establishing practices, policies and plans that shape the way our community develops. Such a framework provides a common structure for coordinated action across all sectors of the community.

The examples below illustrate different ways that We Envision can be used as decision making framework.

Who will have responsibility to implement and monitor this plan?

We Envision does not assign responsibility for implementing this plan to any one person or organization. Many individuals and organizations on the Sunshine Coast are especially well positioned to champion the implementation and monitoring process - but it is the community as a whole that must accept collective responsibility for taking action if we are to achieve our vision for a sustainable Sunshine Coast.

Sustainability cannot be achieved on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis. The plan recommends that a dedicated advisory body, with broad representation from the public, private and not for profit stakeholders be established to champion and coordinate the implementation and monitoring of this plan, and to provide support to local governments and other organization that wish to participate in its implementation. In recognition of the collaborative nature of this body and the common interest for which it would stand, the name "Round Table for Regional Sustainability" is proposed.

What is the cost of implementing this plan and who will pay for it?

We Envision does not attempt to quantify costs associated with proposed actions, nor does it assign responsibility to individuals or organizations for the burden of those costs. It is suggested that these implementation details require further examination and vigorous dialogue amongst stakeholders, and should be considered by the implemantation and monitoring group as part of the implementantion process.