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The First Step: Our 5 Commitments

The following commitments are presented as a first step for any organization or individual wanting to show their support for the We Envision discussion paper and the core values, vision and directions that it promotes:

  1. Designing low-environmental-impact communities based on energy-efficient transportation and settlement patterns;

  2. Ensuring high-quality drinking water and the availability of locally grown and produced food;

  3. Providing affordable-housing options, green jobs and regional economic development

  4. Developing a comprehensive range of cultural, community and social services that protects our indigenous and cultural heritage and facilitates life-long learning; and

  5. Celebrating the urban-wild dynamic, unique to our region, and showing respect for our natural environment by reducing waste and designing resilience against the impacts of climate change.

If you or your organization would like to adopt these five commitments as a first step towards building a more sustainable Sunshine Coast, or would otherwise like to get involved in moving any of the actions identified in the We Envision discussion paper forward, then we want to hear from you!