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What We've Heard...

Summer and fall 2011 saw many booths at community events and community presentations to let Sunshine Coasters know about the draft region-wide sustainability plan "We Envision" and ask for feedback.

For a list of where we were, what we heard, and what changes are being made to the draft, check out the consultation report.

In fall 2010, while getting ready to draft We Envision it was important to know what had been said and done before now. What does our community value? Where do those values show up? How can we pull them all together as the basis on which we plan for a sustainable community?

In Appendix A of the draft We Envision there is a list of 26 plans or visionary community projects that were combed through before we began. Many of these plans were generated after significant feedback from people like you. As a result, community values and goals that support sustainable development show up in every one of these plans – many of the same themes emerged again and again in the literature, letting us know that while our communities are diverse and unique, we hold many values about the Sunshine Coast and about sustainability in common.

These emerging themes in turn provided the foundation for the Core Values presented in the document. In other words, what you've said has formed the foundation for this visionary plan.

For more information about what we've heard from the community click here.