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What is it?

We Envision One Coast: Together in Nature, Culture and Community is a community discussion paper that contains the elements of a draft regional sustainability plan for the Sunshine Coast. Your input will help us to shape a final sustainability plan to guide local decision makers, organizations and committed individuals towards our best possible future.

We Envision is a call to action at every level of our community, an invitation to every citizen to discuss what a sustainable future means and to participate in its realization. The content of this plan was developed collaboratively within and across many organizations – it helps us think about a common vision for the year 2060 and beyond – and helps us translate vision into action between now and 2020. For more information on how this paper was developed, read Our Story.

While the paper provides a suggested set of core values, vision and stategies across a broad spectrum of issues, it also represents a starting point for refinement and further discussion. It is a platform to support ongoing dialogue, engagement and community relationships, not a document with all of the answers to the many challenges this community will face as it moves towards a more sustainable future.

This discussion paper celebrates the efforts of people on the Sunshine Coast, who are already working to facilitate the changes necessary, to move towards more sustainable practices. Their stories are a testament to the ever-increasing numbers of individuals and organizations who are inspiring all of us to strive for a better future. With further input, this process will naturally lead us to decisions and actions that will make our sustainable vision realizable.

What is a sustainable community?

In a sustainable community, people flourish and have fulfilling lives for the long term, while living in harmony with a healthy, natural environment. A sustainable community recognizes the interconnectedness of all things, while, at the same time, supporting a desirable human existence that coexists with the natural systems that support it. Sustainability recognizes that our economy needs to support a high quality of life, social and cultural development, and personal fulfillment, while, at the same time, recognizing that nature is not infinite in its resources.

A sustainable community is one in which a healthy balance is maintained between economic vitality, health and social well being, cultural vitality and environmental responsibility. In such a community, the needs of the present generation can be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.