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Why Plan for Sustainability?

The Sunshine Coast is one of the most bountiful and beautiful places in the world. We live in a place with vast expanses of nature, clean water, forests, mountains, and biodiversity. There is a rich cultural and economic history and diversity. With this bounty and history comes responsibility and opportunity...

As human populations continue to grow, landfills continue to fill up, the withdrawal of water from streams and aquifers continues to increase, and our consumption of energy and production of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants continues to increase. Consequently, the growth and consumption by some members of the human population has, in part, led to the poverty, illness and famine of other members of the population.

In a sustainable community, people flourish and have fulfilling lives for the long term, while living in harmony with a healthy natural environment. A sustainable community recognizes the interconnectedness of all things, while, at the same time, supporting a desirable human existence that coexists with the natural systems that support it. Sustainability recognizes that our economy needs to support a high quality of life, social and cultural development, and personal fulfillment, while, at the same time, recognizing that nature is not infinite in its resources.

So how do we ensure that we are on the path to becoming a sustainable community? We Envision: One Coast, Together in Nature, Culture and Community contains the elements of a draft regional sustainability plan for the Sunshine Coast. It provides a Vision of what the community aspires to be in a sustainable future, takes stock of our current situation, and proposes a concrete set of strategic directions, targets and actions to navigating towards our Vision. It is a forward-thinking framework for action.