Our Story

Our Story:

A multi organization team is responsible for the development of We Envision: One Coast, Together in Nature, Culture and Community. The ultimate goal of this work is to enable a common long range vision, as well as a coordinated road map for sustainability-in-action in our communities.

The discussion paper is built on the knowledge that it’s easy to lose sight of the common big picture if we’re solely working on individual specific actions…and similarly, that the work on the ground won’t happen if we’re only talking about vision.

With this in mind – the team articulated a list of ‘Elements of Success’ to guide the work of researching, writing and presenting the discussion paper.

Beyond being vision and action oriented, the team wanted the work to shine the light on the great work that is already being done around our region and begin from there. We Envision is the sum of many parts, that, in many cases, have already been developed. The team’s leadership has been to pull these many seemingly disparate pieces into one coordinated place, showing how they intersect now and how they could in the future with focused collaboration and coordination efforts.

For more information about who has been involved in developing this discussion paper see the Acknowledgements section of the We Envision discussion paper.

For more information about sources of information that guided the development of this discussion paper, including past public feedback, check out the What We've Heard page.